Welcome to A Storyteller's Podcast, I'm your host, Veronica! I'm a paper crafting storyteller inspiring you to leave your legacy behind through photos and stories.

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My Story

Story telling has always been a huge part of my life, as a child I sadly lost all but 10 childhood photos and so the quest to leave my story behind began. As a teen, I fell knee deep into storytelling through my passion for journalism.  When I became the yearbook editor my senior year, my love for stories filled with photos and words enhanced. With hot pink deco scissors in hand, I created my first scrapbook all about me.

In 2005, as a new wife and mother, I stumbled upon the memory keeping community when I started paper crafting my child's stories with pretty stickers and paper. I was beyond excited to find so many like-minded people via the internet. That was well over 16 years ago, and 3 kids later. 

My passion grew larger than ever with my supportive husband Albert by my side, he encouraged me to dive further into this rather expensive hobby. His love and education in graphic arts and my passion for paper supplies allowed us to start our own paper manufacturing company. It was then I realized that the importance of telling our story was far greater than selling and hoarding supplies. So, I made the tough decision to end my business and become a full-time school counselor by day, and a paper storyteller at night. The extra time from not running a business restored my love and passion for storytelling once more!

Which leads me to starting my very own podcast all about storytellers! I have always loved public speaking and as an extrovert, I am left refreshed after meeting like-minded people. This community is filled with an abundance of talent and love for stories. This passion to connect with storytellers has led me to start this new and rather intimidating adventure. A Storyteller's Podcast is more than just two people talking, it's connection, it's passion for creating and of course it's all about stories. Our stories! I hope to introduce you to the many friends I have made along the way, storytellers through all stages and walks of life.

Are your ready to leave your legacy behind and start storytelling with us?


Are you looking to share your story?  Let's connect.